Fan Engagement

We have developed multiple digital marketing solutions into specialized, easy to implement fan engagement products. All our digital products are prototyped and produced in-house by our own expert developers.

Fan Messenger

Live-connect with fans during high involvement occasions.

In a digital world with an explosion of available content, it’s increasingly important to focus on finding the right channel to interact with your target audience. During live events we see messenger apps being used more heavily than mobile websites and regular apps. Our Fan Messenger chatbot is a high engagement interactive channel and direct live-line to our fans – specifically relevant at events and one-off occasions and driven by fan needs and insights:

  • (More) extensive need for information and background content
  • “Know more, ask for insights”
  • Tailored / personalized content
  • Dialogue opportunity


  • Copy, Photo & Video content
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Opt-in promotions
  • Push notifications


Conversation CMS

Chatbot Analytics Dashboard

Instant push notifications

Plug & play modules

Smart Events

Digitally enrich the event or sponsorship experience

Our Smart Event product transforms live events into online experiences, without the need to download apps or QR readers. Depending on the occasion, fans are engaged through fun and entertaining rituals via image recognition. Data is gathered through cookies, log-ins and sign-ups – enabling brands to track behaviour, get to know their interests as well as other demographics. Viewer knowledge is accessible via an analytics dashboard. This knowledge is used to further enhance the live experience and for retargeting and elevating messaging post-event.

Case study:



Campaign Automation CMS

Image Recognition AI

Analytics Dashboard

Automated Retargeting


If your product is live content, why not advertise it live?

Our Livertising product gives (video) rights holders the opportunity to stream live in display-advertising and pre-rolls. Using live video creates a sense of urgency, connects the ‘service product’ to a real-life experience and triggers immediate conversion.


  • Capturing and processing of video stream
  • Add animated layers design / copy
  • Add soundtrack or voice over
  • Dedicated ad-tech team for advice, production and support


Realtime render engine

Analytics Dashboard